Here we go! Actual first post

I just set up Ghost. It was a pretty straight forward process but time consuming. I didn't realize I would have to fork a project and make modifications on templates and controllers in node. I actually forked the project on github and will be tracking the blog code in there.


So far I really like Ghost. Main reason to use this for me was the markdown. I feel very comfortable typing using markdown (I have to battle with confluence/jira trying to use markdown on their editor). As I type this post, I see the rendering on the right hand of the screen. I haven't seen any markdown editors that would render instantly. I really like it. Here's a picture of it below:


Future of the Blog

I'm having a love affair with Ember.js currently so most of the things I talk about will be about Ember.js. I'm also a node.js developer, so there will be topics on that as well.

Let's get started!